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Uniquely Designed


Revolutionary design reduces complexity & increases durability.

Innovative pump design

The HVAD® Pump has passive maglev with hydrodynamic bearings, so there’s no need for electronic sensors or mechanical bearings. The result is a less complex system that eliminates friction, heat, and component wear.1

The HVAD Pump has a patented, wide-blade impeller featuring 3 blood flow paths – primary, secondary, and tertiary – designed to enhance blood flow and proven to reduce blood trauma while reducing the time blood travels through the device.2

The HVAD System design includes features for washing while maintaining no points of stasis.1

A system engineered for reliability and durability

Dual motor stators enhance system efficiency and provide power redundancy to rotate the impeller. If a driveline fault is detected, the controller switches from normal dual-motor stator operation to single motor stator operation – without loss of support.1

The durable driveline consists of 6 individually-wrapped coated wires encased in an abrasion-resistant outer sheathing. In over 10,000 implants, the HVAD System has no exchanges due to internal driveline fractures.3

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